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The Statens Serum Institut has found two cases of monkey smallpox in Denmark. Both cases are related to travel to Spain. The infected are in isolation.


The first case of monkey pox in Denmark was confirmed on 23 May, while the second case was confirmed on 24 May.

In addition, a third case of monkey pox has been detected in the Danish healthcare system. But since the person in question lives in Sweden, it does not count in the Danish inventory.

Health Minister Magnus Heunicke says:

“We now have two cases of monkey pox in Denmark, and both of those infected have developed symptoms after traveling to Spain. Infection chains have not yet been identified in Denmark. Our health authorities monitor the situation closely and contain the infection through infection detection, isolation and laboratory analyzes.

Denmark has now received the first 200 vaccines, and the Danish Health and Medicines Authority has updated their guidelines with recommendations for vaccinations for very close contacts.

Last week, the Statens Serum Institut published a risk assessment of monkey pox, in which it is assessed that there is a low probability of infection spreading monkey pox in the general population in Denmark.