By NewsDesk @bactiman63

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports investigating two Salmonella outbreaks—one involving Salmonella Typhimurium infections and one with Salmonella Infantis infections, linked to Italian-style meats.

Thirty-six people have been reported sick from 17 states and 12 people have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported. This includes 23 people who are part of the Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak and 13 people who are part of the Salmonella Infantis outbreak.

Interviews with sick people show that the likely sources of both outbreaks are Italian-style meats, such as salami, prosciutto, and other meats that can be found in antipasto or charcuterie assortments.

Investigators are working to identify specific contaminated brands and products and determine if the two outbreaks are linked to the same source.

CDC is advising people at higher risk for severe Salmonella illness to heat all Italian-style meats to an internal temperature of 165°F or until steaming hot before eating. You are at higher risk for severe Salmonella illness if you are 65 years or older, or if you have a health condition or take medicines that lower your body’s ability to fight germs. Children younger than 5 years are also more likely to get very sick from Salmonella.