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Two women in Vemulamada village in Movva mandal of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, India have died from rabies two months after being bit by a cat, according to a Daijiworld report.

Image by Clickphoto Switzerland from Pixabay

The report notes the women received Tetanus Toxoid injections and medication for the cat bite; however, rabies post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) was not mentioned

Doctors said the women died of rabies just hours apart on the same day. The infection had spread and lack of proper treatment caused their death.

Rabies: What should you do if you’re exposed?

According to villagers, the cat was infected by rabies as it was bitten by a rabid dog earlier. The cat also died subsequently.

Rabies is an acute viral infection that is transmitted to humans or other mammals usually through the saliva from a bite of an infected animal. It is also rarely contracted through breaks in the skin or contact with mucous membranes.

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