The number of cases of typhoid in Auckland remains unchanged for the third consecutive day, according to the Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) Sunday, suggesting the outbreak may have plateaued.


There are 18 confirmed cases, one probable case and one further case under investigation connected with this outbreak. Of these, there are two people currently in hospital as another patient has now been discharged.  The second case that was under investigation category yesterday has now been confirmed as not a case of typhoid.

In addition, the Mt Albert Assembly of God, the families and the ARPHS released the following statement:

Following a positive meeting on Friday, members of the family and church impacted by the current typhoid outbreak, community leaders, and senior leaders from the health sector have agreed a way forward that focuses on working together to support those most affected.

On Friday the parties acknowledged areas where things could have gone better, and agreed to work together. Today, representatives of the Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) met with the congregation of the Mt Albert Assembly of God to answer questions on the outbreak, and provide information on testing and prevention.

Family spokesperson, Jerome Mika said: “I am very positive about the developments of the past few days and the plan moving forward. Many of the community’s fears have been put to rest, and there is strong commitment on both sides to work together.”

ARPHS Public Health Physician, William Rainger said: “We have spoken personally with the family and church congregation and gained a deeper understanding of their concerns. I hope we have been able to reassure the community that typhoid is a very treatable disease, that this outbreak is under control, and the risk of new cases is low.”

All parties ask that the privacy of the family and church community is respected while APRHS works with them to complete contact tracing and testing, and arrange any necessary treatment.