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The Uganda Ministry of Health is reporting a 42 percent increase in malaria cases in the past year (2019/2020), according to a report in the Daily Monitor.

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Dr Joyce Moriku Kaducu said malaria cases went from 10,483,412 cases in 2018/19 to 14,904,773 in 2019/20 , linking the surge to heavy rains during the period.

“Malaria was still leading condition among all outpatient department diagnosis for all ages accounting for 29.8 percent of all out patient department attendances followed by pneumonia(cough or cold) 18.1 per cent, urinary tract infections and intestinal worms at 4.7 per cent,” Dr Kaducu said.

In response, the government is ramping up the distribution of mosquito nets.

Malaria is endemic in 95% of Uganda with about 5% of the country being areas of unstable malaria. Malaria is the leading cause of morbidity in Uganda.

Uganda follows only Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo for malaria worldwide.

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