In a follow-up to a previous report concerning a Cyclospora cluster reported in UK travelers to Mexico, Public Health England (PHE) has reported a total of 265 Cyclospora cases since June 1.


Of this total, nearly 73 percent (193) reporting travel to Mexico. Most cases have been reported in  England and Scotland with a small number from other areas of the UK.

Dr Katherine Russell, Head of Travel and Migrant Health at PHE, said:

We are still observing high numbers of cases and will continue to monitor the situation closely during this summer holiday period. We will continue working with the travel industry and the Mexican health authorities to support their investigations into this outbreak.

We strongly urge people to maintain a high standard of food, water and personal hygiene when travelling to the Riviera Maya coast in Mexico and to be aware of the risk of infection from a food and water bug, Cyclospora.