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In the first six months of 2022, 3,533 cases of rotavirus enteritis were registered in Ukraine, of which 3,388 were in children. In particular, 342 children under the age of 1 year, 1,982 children aged 1–4 years, 856 children aged 5–9 years, 180 children aged 10–14 years, and 28 children aged 15–17 years fell ill. Among adults, 145 cases of the disease were registered.

The organism’s characteristic wheel-like appearance under the electron microscope gives the rotavirus its name from the Latin word ‘rota,’ meaning ‘wheel.’
Image/CDC/Jessica A. Allen/Alliza Eckerd.

In particular, during this period, 8 outbreaks of rotavirus enteritis were registered, as a result of which 49 people were injured, including 44 children. Outbreaks occurred most often in points for the temporary stay of internally displaced persons — 6 (75.0%) and preschool institutions — 2 (25.0%).

Rotaviruses are the most common cause of severe diarrheal diseases in young children all over the world.

Rotavirus is very contagious, you can get sick after ingesting less than 100 virus particles.

Infection occurs through the fecal-oral route, both directly and during contact with surfaces and objects that could be contaminated: toys, floors, furniture, clothes, etc., as well as during food intake.

Symptoms of the disease usually appear after 2 days and often begin with vomiting. Then comes frequent diarrhea that lasts for four to eight days. Subfebrile temperature (37–37.5ºС) is also characteristic. Additional symptoms such as loss of appetite and dehydration can be especially dangerous for infants and young children.

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Treatment of acute rotavirus infection is non-specific and primarily involves combating dehydration.

The main methods of prevention of rotavirus infection are vaccination and compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

The vaccine protects against rotavirus gastroenteritis and the development of severe forms of the disease. To ensure early protection against infection, two or three doses are sufficient, according to the instructions for vaccines registered in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, vaccination against rotavirus infection is classified as recommended, that is, you can get vaccinated at your own expense.