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An analysis by the Center for Combating Corruption conclude in a new study that 4 out of 10 people purchased drugs that are ineffective and absent in modern treatment standards. Ukrainians spend a quarter of their money on drugs that do not have sufficient evidence of safety and effectiveness. Among them: biologically active supplements (dietary supplements), homeopathic remedies, herbal medicines and some popular medicines.

For example, in 2020, Ukrainians spent more than 13.7 billion hryvnias ( about 500 million dollars) on drugs whose effectiveness and safety have not been proven or questioned.

The instructions for use of such “drugs” may contain false information about their medicinal properties, manipulative statements and sincere admission in the absence of qualitative research. 

The situation with the procurement of health care facilities is especially dangerous, as these funds could be used for drugs with proven effectiveness. 

The report also mentions drugs that were not included in the protocol “Provision of medical care for the treatment of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)”, but due to aggressive pharmaceutical advertising have been promoted as a means of treatment and prevention of COVID-19.

There are no systematic reviews, meta-analyzes or qualitative randomized clinical trials to confirm their safety and efficacy. The available individual low-quality clinical trials and the opinion of individual experts may not be a sufficient basis for the medical use of these drugs.

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