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Ukrainian health officials are calling on the public to support the Vaccinated – Means Protected campaign as immunization numbers are much below where they should be.

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In Ukraine, the vaccination coverage of this infection is extremely low: only 70% of children are vaccinated, and even fewer adults are vaccinated.  In 2018, every second adult failed to make the necessary vaccination. Under these conditions, experts predict a possible risk of an outbreak. The lowest rates in Ukraine in the Ivano-Frankivsk region are only 31% of vaccinated adults.

“Low vaccination is one of the causes of measles outbreaks we currently have in Ukraine. From the summer of 2017, 39 people died from complications from measles. And diphtheria is worse than measles. Because the mortality rate is much higher: from one thousand patients, by statistics, 50 to 100 people die. Those who are vaccinated are protected. I urge everyone – go to your family doctor, check when you were last vaccinated and if necessary – get a vaccination. There are vaccines. They are quality, safe and free, ”said Dr. Ulyana Suprun, Ph.D. at. Minister of Health of Ukraine.

Vaccination against diphtheria and tetanus is started at an early age and a revaccination is required every 10 years in adulthood.

Now in all regions of Ukraine there are free and high-quality vaccines for vaccination for both children and adults. They are purchased by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) from leading manufacturers in the world. The quality of the vaccines has been confirmed by the World Health Organization. Vaccination is included in the list of guaranteed primary care services. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine calls on family doctors, therapists and pediatricians to ensure that patients who have signed the declaration have the necessary vaccinations.

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