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According to the Khmelnytsky Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an outbreak of acute intestinal infection was registered at the Khmelnytsky educational institution.


84 students of grades 1-4 were sickened after eating in the school cafeteria. In addition, one adult was affected in this outbreak. The main clinical manifestations include repeated vomiting, diarrhea and fever.

Eleven people (10 children and the adult) were hospitalized for their illness. The remaining 74 children experienced milder symptoms.

Now experts have begun an epidemiological investigation. 11 food workers have already been examined, 18 samples of food products, 110 samples of washes from environmental objects and 5 samples of tap water for microbiological research have been taken.

Final disinfection was carried out in the educational institution and in the homes of sick people. Medical supervision of contact persons has been organized. The source of the causative agent of the infection, the causes of the fire and the circumstances that contributed to its occurrence are being investigated.