An influenza outbreak in the Ukraine has resulted in 319 fatalities, according to local media. Health officials said that most of the deaths were caused by the H1N1 influenza virus.

generic influenza virion
3D influenza/CDC

The deaths occurred in all but two Ukrainian regions, with the southern Odessa region and the country’s capital city of Kiev being the hardest hit. Approximate 10 percent of the population has been affected.

All of the victims had not been vaccinated and two-thirds of them sought medical treatment too late, the statement said.

The influenza epidemic season began in Sep. 2015, according to the health ministry. The Ukraine declared the influenza epidemic one month ago.

Health officials, in an attempt to get the epidemic under control, ordered the closure of colleges, schools and kindergartens and advised people to wear protective masks in public places in an attempt to stop the virus.