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A foodborne illness outbreak is being investigated by the Rivne OLC of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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Between July 15-18, 84 acute gastrointestinal disease cases were reported, including 52 cases in Zdolbunivskyi District. 61 people required hospitalization, including children.

Preliminary results in the investigation links the illnesses to the consumption of dishes at the celebration of the wedding and birthdays from July 13 and 14 at the cafe “Gourmet” in the Mizoch village.

Ergonomically designed kitchen utensils to help with weak hands or other disabilities.

92 persons, including 84 patients and 8 employees of the cafe “Gourmet”have been cultured and tested trying to determine an etiology. On July 18, 2019, in the first 4 patients, Salmonella enteritidis was isolated and identified.

A microbiological study was carried out on samples of rinses from environmental objects on BGKP,  samples of drinking water and samples of food products.

Cafe Gourmet has been closed since Monday.

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Specialists of Dezhkprodskopyvsnoj region in the Rivne region conducted an inspection of the cafe and found the following inadequacies: the fixed capacity (cafe “Gourmet”) is not registered in the State Register of capacity of market operators, there is no branch for washing and processing of raw vegetables, violation of the technology of cooking, no room for cleaning, disinfection and storage working tools and equipment (two washing baths are located directly in the cooking compartment), creation of cross flows between prepared dishes and raw materials , equipment and tools are kept in improper condition and conditions (no dishes for drying dishes), there are no thermometers in refrigerators, no labeling of kitchen utensils and inventory, no menus and technological and costing cards, no accompanying documents for foodstuffs and raw materials ,