The death toll due to measles in Ukraine has risen to 14 this year, according to new data from the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Kiev, Ukraine Image/Katatonia via pixabay
Kiev, Ukraine
Image/Katatonia via pixabay

In addition, 2,179 people – 1,020 adults and 1 159 children contracted measles during the past week, bringing the outbreak total to 32,939 cases.

After several weeks of falling, the incidence of measles in Ukraine began to increase again. According to the operative data, the most recent cases of measles on March 15-21 were registered in Khmelnytsky (207 patients: 95 adults and 112 children), Lviv (186: 56 adults and 130 children), Kyiv (177: 99 adults and 78 children), Rivne 157:39 adults and 118 children), as well as in Kiev (203: 110 adults and 93 children).

For reliable protection from illness, all children must receive both the first and second dose of measles vaccine in a timely manner.

All children under the age of 18 as well as adults from risk groups – military, health care workers, students, educators and physicians – can get vaccinated by the Calendar and make up for lost vaccinations.