Ukrainian health officials recorded an additional 1,021 measles cases in the past week, bringing the total cases for the year to 25,008. Of this total, 10,085 adults and 14,923 children have been affected.

Most people suffered from measles in Lviv (only 4412 people: 1377 adults and 3035 children), Transcarpathian (total 2840 people: 521 adults and 2319 children), Ivano-Frankivsk (total 2534 people: 728 adults and 1806 children), Odesa (total 1968 people: 968 adults and 1,000 children), the city of Kyiv (1,777 people: 1,092 adults and 685 children) and Ternopil (total 1263 people: 487 adults and 766 children).

The measles death toll remains at 12 for the year, eight in children.


In addition, health authorities have reported an additional diphtheria case, the third of the year, in a 15-year-old teenager in the Kyiv region. The child has been treated with anti-diphtheria serum and her condition is stable. She is currently in the infectious department of the Kyiv Oblast Children’s Hospital in Boyarka.

Health officials report that sufficient number of vaccines and anti-diphtheria serums are available.

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