By Robert Herriman   @bactiman63

Ukraine health officials reported an additional 1,133 measles cases in the past week, including 505 adults and 628 children.

Image/thedigitalway via pixabay

This brings the total cases this year to 53,112. In addition, 18 deaths have been reported.

The Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine says since the beginning of the outbreak in the summer of 2017, more than 110,000 cases were reported, including 39 deaths.

Health officials remind the public for reliable protection from the illness, all children must receive both the first and second dose of measles vaccine in a timely manner.

Recently the Supreme Court of Ukraine has confirmed the obligatory nature of all vaccinations for visiting children of educational institutions.

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The Ministry of Health of Ukraine provides the opportunity for free vaccination for both children and adults: the age limit for free measles vaccination has been abolished. Now you can vaccinate infants aged 6 months, for which measles are particularly dangerous.