The Ukraine Health Ministry reports that through Sep. 21 (computer translated), 174 people have been sickened and 11 have died.

Image/ SvenKirsch via pixabay
Image/ SvenKirsch via pixabay

This has prompted warnings and advice to the public on the issue of ingesting mushrooms.

The most effective advice that will completely save you from mushroom poisoning – refuse to consume wild mushrooms. Absolutely contraindicated consumption of fungi for children under 12 years old, women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, elderly people.

Of the 2,000 types of mushrooms in Ukraine, no more than 500 types can be considered as edible and safe.

Symptoms of mushroom poisoning can occur as early as 30 minutes after ingestion and within a few days. The main symptoms of mushroom poisoning are: nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, dizziness, fever, pulse reduction, seizures, blood flow from the extremities (cold hands and feet), hallucinations and delusions.

Health officials offers the following advice on how to avoid/prevent mushroom poisoning:

  1. Discard the consumption of wild mushrooms. Replace them with mushrooms grown artificially, subject to control.
  2. Do not buy mushrooms on spontaneous markets.
  3. Carefully inspect mushrooms. If you have the slightest doubts – refuse to consume mushrooms.
  4. Collect only mushrooms that are familiar to you. For the slightest doubt, immediately throw the mushroom without leaving it next to others.
  5. Do not take too young or old mushrooms. They are easily confused with poisonous ones.
  6. Do not collect mushrooms near roads, businesses, contaminated areas. Mushrooms absorb toxic substances, including heavy metals.
  7. Do not collect mushrooms in arid weather. At this time, the mushroom is drying out, giving water and increasing the concentration of toxins
  8. Never taste raw mushrooms.
  9. Once again, carefully inspect the mushrooms at home. All questionable should be discarded.
  10. Prepare mushrooms for the first day after harvesting.
  11. Drink mushrooms at least three times each time in fresh salted water for at least 30 minutes.
  12. Keep the mushrooms in the fridge in enamel ware for no more than a day.


The most important thing is urgently call “103”.

If possible, rinse the stomach with plain water or accept sorbents (the lowest effective dose of activated carbon is 0.5 g / kg body weight).

Before the emergency call, follow bed rest and drink plenty of liquid – water, salted water or cool tea. This will help restore the water-salt balance and remove toxins.

It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol, any food or dairy and dairy products – it can accelerate the absorption of toxins.

In no case do not practice self-treatment and do not try to “wait” – it can be mortally unsafe

The remnants of mushrooms or mushroom dishes must be preserved, because their laboratory research will help determine the cause of poisoning and prescribe proper treatment.