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Ukraine health officials report since the beginning of this year and as of August 1, 604 people, including 447 children, have been affected by outbreaks of intestinal infections. A total of 50 outbreaks were registered.

In July 2021 alone, 137 people fell ill, including 98 children. A total of 12 outbreaks of infectious diseases were recorded :

  • 6 outbreaks of acute intestinal infections of unknown etiology, during which 71 people were sickened, including 54 children;
  • 3 outbreaks of salmonellosis , 34 people were sickened, including 15 children;
  • 2 outbreaks of rotavirus enteritis , 29 people were sickened, including 28 children;
  • one outbreak of viral hepatitis A , 3 people were sickened, including 1 child;
  • Epidemiological investigation and anti-epidemic measures are underway for 4 more outbreaks.

The largest number of outbreaks in July occurred in children’s health facilities and institutions with organized recreation for groups of children (33.3%) and in everyday life (25.0%). The remaining outbreaks occurred in children’s preschools (16.7%), catering establishments (16.7%) and in health care establishments (8.3%).

In 6 months of 2021, 38 outbreaks of infectious diseases were registered in Ukraine . 467 people fell ill , including 349 children . Total recorded:

  • 18 outbreaks of acute intestinal infections of established and unidentified etiology, during which 124 people were sickened, including 118 children;
  • 10 outbreaks of rotavirus enteritis , 210 people were sickened, including 201 children;
  • 9 outbreaks of salmonellosis , 167 people were sickened, including 61 children;
  • one outbreak of viral hepatitis A , 17 people were sickened, including 16 children.

Outbreaks occurred mainly in children’s preschools (52.6%), in catering establishments (13.2%) and in everyday life (13.2%). The remaining outbreaks occurred in schools (10.5%), children’s health facilities and facilities with organized recreation for groups of children (tourist bases, hotels, estates, etc.) (7.9%), as well as in health care facilities ( 2.6%).

The causes of food poisoning and infectious diseases transmitted with food are violations of cooking technology, improper storage, non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene by people involved in cooking.

To protect yourself from food poisoning and acute intestinal infections, eat only those foods that you are sure of, and follow the 5 steps to safer food :

1. Maintain cleanliness:

  • wash your hands before eating or cooking;
  • wash your hands after going to the toilet;
  • wash and disinfect all surfaces and kitchen utensils that you use for cooking;
  • protect the kitchen and food from insects, rodents and other animals.

2. Separate raw food from ready:

  • separate raw meat and seafood from other foods;
  • for processing of raw products use separate kitchen utensils, in particular knives and cutting boards;
  • store food in a closed container to avoid contact between raw and finished products.

3. Prepare food carefully:

  • thoroughly fry or boil foods, especially meat, eggs and seafood;
  • bring dishes to a boil so that they are cooked at least 70 ° C;
  • the juice of meat or poultry during cooking should be transparent, not pink;
  • carefully heat the cooked food.

4. Store food at a safe temperature:

  • do not leave cooked food at room temperature for more than 2 hours;
  • keep cooked dishes hot (60 ° C) until served;
  • do not store food for too long, even in the refrigerator;
  • do not defrost food at room temperature.

5. Use safe water and fresh produce:

  • use clean or purified water;
  • choose fresh and unspoiled products;
  • wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly, especially if you eat them raw;
  • do not use products that have expired.

Viruses or bacteria can enter food at any stage of the process from production to table, so each participant in the process, from producer to consumer, plays a role in preventing food contamination.