The Ukraine Ministry of Health reported an additional botulism death in a man from the Kherson region, the eighth botulism fatality of the year.


The probable cause of botulism is smoked homemade fish, which he and his wife eaten the day before. The woman is currently hospitalized for her illness in a severe resuscitation unit.

The Ministry of Health once again emphasizes that with the slightest suspicion of botulism, urgent medical attention should be sought. The success of treatment depends on early diagnosis and proper treatment, which in most cases is accompanied by the introduction of botulinum antitoxin.

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Botulism, a potentially fatal form of food poisoning, can cause the following symptoms: general weakness, dizziness, double vision, and trouble with speaking or swallowing. Difficulty in breathing, weakness of other muscles, abdominal distension and constipation may also be common symptoms. People experiencing these problems should seek immediate medical attention.

Since the beginning of 2018, as of September 11, 2018, 80 cases of botulism have been registered in Ukraine.