The Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine reported today that 540 additional measles cases – 142 adults and 398 children–were reported in the week ending September 29.

Image/Robert Herriman
Image/Robert Herriman

Through the first nine months of the year, 31,954 people– 12,874 adults and 19,080 children have contracted measles.

A 3-year-old child who has not been vaccinated died of complications of the measles in the Lviv region this week. Altogether, since the beginning of the year, fourteen people died of the complications of the measles: ten children and four adults.

Lviv (6,310), Zakarpattya (3,126) and Ivano-Frankivsk regions (2,953) have seen the most cases. The capital city of Kiev has seen 2,230 cases.

The Ministry of Health once again reminds that measles is a dangerous and highly contagious viral disease, which may have complications of this disease thatcan lead to fatalities. The only way to prevent measles and it’s complications is through vaccination.