Following reports of the first case of mumps in a UMass Boston (UMB) last week, school officials announced Tuesday a second confirmed case of the contagious viral disease.

Mumps virus/CDC
Mumps virus/CDC

The first on campus case occurred on February 20, 2016 during the UMB Men’s hockey team match against Southern Maine University (SMU), according to a University Health Services release.

USM has previously reported a confirmed mumps case last week.

Mumps is a contagious disease. The most common symptom is swelling of the cheeks and jaw due to inflammation of one or both of the saliva glands near the ear and back of the jaw. However, up to half of the people with mumps may not have enough swelling to show. Other symptoms include fever, headache, stiff neck and loss of appetite.

Currently, there is no specific treatment for Mumps. Supportive care should be given as needed. If someone becomes very ill, they should seek medical attention. If someone seeks medical attention, they should call their healthcare provider in advance so that they do not have to sit in the waiting room for a long time and possibly infect other people.

UMB student health asks that you seek medical care if you experience any of the symptoms noted above in the next 2 weeks. Please call or come to see us, or visit your own healthcare provider. Please be sure to tell your provider that there was a confirmed case of Mumps on campus.