The University of Nebraska Medical Center and its primary clinical partner, Nebraska Medicine, have launched their second free online Ebola education course. The second course, intended for the general public, provides easy-to-understand instruction and resources.


“It is important that members of the public have access to accurate, trustworthy information based on facts and scientific evidence,” said Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D., chancellor of UNMC and chairman of the Nebraska Medicine advisory board. “UNMC and Nebraska Medicine are offering our expertise to the public to both inform and reassure.”

The Nebraska Ebola Method for General Public and a course released last week for health professionals, The Nebraska Ebola Method for Clinicians, provide instruction and information through videos and printable documents.

The course for the general public is available at, and soon will be available through the iTunes Store, and the iTunes University app for those with iPads or iPhones. Much of the information in the course also is presented in Spanish.

The community course explains the disease in terms that are easy to understand and helpful to share with patients, families and community members. Materials will be developed over time with high standards for health literacy and accessibility. Included in the course are such topics as signs and symptoms of Ebola, how it is spread, and coping with stress and talking with children during Infectious disease outbreaks.

“We know there is concern in communities across the country about Ebola, and we want to help ensure that the public has the information that it needs,” Dr. Gold said.

The Nebraska Biocontainment Unit is one of just four in the nation. Two Ebola patients have been successfully treated at and released from the unit.