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The Uruguay Ministry of Public Health reported recently on a case of Chikungunya virus disease confirmed in a person with no travel history residing in Montevideo, who had the disease on an outpatient basis and with good outcome.


In response to this finding, surveillance and control actions have been intensified according to protocol.

Uruguay has recorded a variable number of imported cases of this disease in recent years, with autochthonous cases having been identified in the department of Paysandú last April.


Chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes such as Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. It can cause high fever, join and muscle pain, and headache. While chikungunya does not often result in death, the joint pain associated with the disease may last for months or years and may become a cause of chronic pain and disability. There is no specific treatment for this infection, nor any vaccine to prevent it. Pending the development of a new vaccine, the only effective means of prevention is to protect individuals against mosquito bites.

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