With the current measles outbreak going on in the Los Angeles County area, I wanted to dig into more about the topic of the law and vaccines. I invited Professor of Law at UC Hastings College of Law, Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, PhD to join me on the show to look at some of these issues.


During the 30 minute interview, Professor Reiss discussed the different exemptions available in the various states–medical, religious and personal belief. She went into her thoughts on the abuses of the religious exemption in some detail.

We also talked about the California vaccine law passed in 2015 and some papers which she authored or coauthored concerning holding parents who don’t get their children vaccinated liable if other children get infected with a vaccine preventable disease and the creation of a no-fault fund paid by parents who refuse to vaccinate their children…essentially using the money to pay for public health work on outbreaks.

Dr Reiss also explained the role and purposes of the  National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and the corresponding National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

LISTEN to the interview below:

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