On the Sunday, Jan. 18 airing of the talk radio program dedicated to infectious diseases, Outbreak News This Week, host Robert Herriman spent the lion’s share of the hour talking to Paul A. Offit, MD, Director of the Vaccine Education Center and a professor of pediatrics in the Division of Infectious Diseases at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The interview consisted of discussing and rebutting the “10 Reasons Not To Vaccinate” article published on the anti-vaccine website, Vactruth.com last month.

Dr. Offit was asked to comment on such arguments as “Vaccine do NOT work”, “Are vaccines cause a host of ‘chronic, incurable, and life threatening diseases’? and “Vaccines have never been proven safe or effective”.

In addition, Dr. Offit weighed in on the measles outbreak linked to Disney theme parks in California.

Listen to the interview below:

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