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Officials with the Vatican reported Thursday that an individual tested positive with the Covid-19 coronavirus. Officials have not released any information on the affected person.

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The Director of the Holy See Press Office, Matteo Bruni, said that the Vatican’s healthcare services have been temporarily shuttered to disinfect facilities used for outpatient services. The Emergency department remains open.

The Vatican clinic serves around 1,000 people who live inside Vatican City, including Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, countless nuns and hundreds of priests, the Swiss Guards and their families, and a handful of lay people who work in the small city state.

“The Directorate of Health and Hygiene is informing the competent Italian authorities and, in the meantime, the planned health protocols have been initiated,” Bruni added.

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Concerning the Pope’s health, Bruni said he continues to recover from a common cold. Pope Francis has cancelled a number of appearances in the last week due to the illness.

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