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First is was malaria, then it was diphtheria, now health officials in Venezuela are reporting an outbreak of measles, according to El Carabobeno report (computer translated).

The vaccine-preventable viral disease that was eradicated from the country in 2014 has reared it’s ugly head in Ciudad Guayana, Bolivar State. To date, 38 confirmed and 88 suspect cases have been reported.

The 38 cases are distributed in the 11 parishes of the city, concentrated more in San Felix. To these are added another 88 suspects still awaiting confirmation. 15 were discarded, according to Sanitary District No. 2.

The index case is believed to have appeared in July; however, it is not clear whether it was locally transmitted or imported.

Health officials say 74 percent of the confirmed cases of measles had not been immunized for measles.

According to the PAHO, outbreaks of measles can occur in territories with vaccine coverage of up to 97%, as it is highly contagious through the respiratory tract.