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The sectoral vice president of Communication, Culture and Tourism, Jorge Rodríguez, assured that of the 70 positive cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) registered to date, 100 percent are imported from Europe, Colombia and the US.


Rodríguez specified that of the 70 positive cases for Covid-19, 15 of them have recovered satisfactorily as they did not present symptoms for 5 days, were not older than 70 years because they are a vulnerable population, and did not present any type of chronic pathology previously.

He added that only two cases in the country are in critical condition, both hospitalized in private centers.

The sectoral vice president assured that to date there have been no deaths due to this pandemic in the country.

On Friday, 137 doctors from the Republic of Cuba arrived at the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, La Guaira state, to strengthen the Barrio Adentro Mission that will contribute to the work for prevention and containment of COVID-19 in Venezuela, as part of the Cuba-Venezuela Agreement.

This group of doctors is part of the first contingent of 2000 health professionals requested by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, and which were approved by the Republic of Cuba, to support the efforts to prevent and contain the Coronavirus pandemic that it affects Venezuela and humanity.

“We are welcoming 137 Cuban doctors who are joining the army of white coats who are at the forefront of the fight against the Coronavirus in Venezuela,” said Minister Alvarado, while indicating that this contingent is joining prevention and COVID-19’s attention to the work being done in an integrated manner with the country’s living forces.

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Lastly, officials announced that hotels in the national territory will be enabled for the comprehensive care of confirmed patients who must remain in isolation.

From the Miraflores Palace, located in Caracas, Rodriguez explained that the safeguard measure is aimed at carriers of the infectious disease who do not require hospitalization, as a mechanism to “not overload the hospitals.”

Last Monday, the National Government declared the collective quarantine in the 23 states and the Capital District in order to contain the spread of the Coronavirus in the country.