Statement attributable to UNICEF’s Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean on health data in Venezuela

“Data on infant and maternal deaths released last week by the Ministry of Health in Venezuela provides stark evidence of the impact of the prolonged crisis on women and children in the country.


“Despite the efforts of the Government and other stakeholders, the data indicates that 30 per cent more children died before their first birthday and 64 per cent more women died during pregnancy or within 42 days after giving birth in 2016 compared to 2015. More than 240,000 people were infected with malaria in 2016, up 76 per cent from 2015. Cases of diarrhea, pertussis, pneumonia, HIV, and measles –all potentially deadly for children– also show marked increases.

“The publication of the data by the Ministry of Health is a crucial step in addressing health challenges in Venezuela. UNICEF is deeply concerned about the situation and stands ready to strengthen its ongoing support to partners in government and civil society, which has included the provision of medicine for the treatment of malaria, diphtheria and other diseases, within the framework of agreed cooperation priorities.”