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Falcón State, in northern Venezuela continues to report malaria cases. In the last quarter of 2021, 380 indigenous cases were registered, and so far in 2022, 134 have been recorded through the first seven weeks.

Image/Robert Herriman

This situation may lead the entity to be declared the seventeenth Venezuelan state endemic for malaria, according to epidemiologist Francisco Leal.

The cases are concentrated in the southern zone of western Falcón, in the municipalities of Dabajuro, Buchivacoa and Mene de Mauroa.

One death was recorded in the Paraguaná Peninsula. Health authorities have described it as an imported case.

Francisco Leal, who for 20 years was the head of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Health, stated that “the outbreak in Falcón is due to a failure in the surveillance and control system. We must characterize, map, monitor and control the casuistry of patients”. “This is the largest outbreak the entity has had.”

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