In a follow-up on the malaria epidemic in Venezuela this year, according to a statement from the Venezuelan Society of Public Health Network, the local transmission case tally has grown to 200,000 through Nov. 5.


“In the first 44 weeks of the year, 199,902 new indigenous malaria cases were reported throughout Venezuela, representing an 73.4 percent increase over the previous year (115,313),” scientists note. More than 3200 cases were seen in the week ending Nov. 5 alone.

In addition, it is the highest number seen in the South American country in the past more than seven decades since reliable records have been kept.

Experts say that three quarters of the cases are caused by Plasmodium vivax while nearly 19 percent are due to Plasmodium falciparum.

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Bolivar state has reported the most cases by far, 75.43% of the reported cases (150,797), followed by Amazonas, with 18,794 cases (9.40%); Sucre, 16,227 cases (8.11%); Delta Amacuro, 7,486 cases (3.74%); Monagas, 4,391 cases (2,19%) and Zulia, 1,538 cases (0.76%).

The experts call on the Ministry of Health to give extreme urgency and priority to the actions of control of the epidemic, considering that the measures applied in the last 3 years and until now, have not been effective and has been accentuated.