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A total of 33 positive cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) are registered in Venezuela, after 16 new infections were confirmed this Monday.

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“All cases are imported: 28 are from Europe and five from Cúcuta (Colombia). Of the 33 cases, 18 are women and 15 are men, “stated the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, from the Miraflores Palace, located in Caracas.

He explained that the cases are distributed among Caracas (8), Miranda (13), La Guaira (5), Aragua (2), Anzoátegui (2), Mérida (1), Cojedes (1) and Apure (1). Of these, 31 are residents and 2 are foreign citizens, including a diplomatic representative of a South American nation.

Regarding the age range of COVID-19 carriers, he explained that two cases are between 10-19 years old; seven between 20-29 years; 11 between 30-39 years; four between 40-49 years; five between 50-59 years; three between 60-69 years and one between 70-79 years.

The first two cases of Coronavirus in Venezuela were registered on March 13, thereafter 31 new cases of contagion have been confirmed.

Maduro also announced that “starting Tuesday, March 17, the entire Venezuela enters a social quarantine.”

“The entire country, the 23 states and the Capital District, all to collective quarantine, a drastic and necessary measure,” emphasized the President.

The head of state urged “the governors, governors, mayors, mayors, military chiefs of the Integral Defense Regions, of the Integral Defense Zones, Integral Defense Areas, the country’s health authorities, chiefs and heads of the Areas of Comprehensive Health, the Bolivarian National Militia, the country’s social, professional, scientific, military and police force, to go to this total quarantine. ”