On June 26, 2019, the National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL) in Ames, Iowa, confirmed a finding of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) infection (Indiana serotype) on a premises in Sandoval County, New Mexico.


Two horses on the premises have met the case definition of infection with compatible clinical signs and positive complement fixation test (CFT) titers at a greater than 1:40 dilution, indicating recent infection.

Both horses are also polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-positive for VSV (Indiana serotype) on swabs collected from the lesions. This is the 2019 VSV index case for New Mexico.

The VSV index premises for New Mexico is a boarding facility with 17 horses, 7 llamas, and 2 goats. The 2 horses confirmed as VSV-infected reside in a pasture together and have no recent history of movements from the premises. There are no other animals at the facility currently showing clinical signs of VSV. The facility is under state quarantine and will remain so until at least 14 days from the onset of lesions in the last affected animal on the premises.

Date                       Event
June 21, 2019       VSV index case for the U.S. confirmed at NVSL – Kinney County, Texas
June 24, 2019      New affected county confirmed – Tom Green County, Texas
June 26, 2019      Index case for New Mexico confirmed – Sandoval County, New Mexico