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In a follow-up report, The Davao City Health Office (CHO) reported recently that the cause of the large diarrhea outbreak in Toril district that sickened more than 200 people and killing six was due to foodborne contamination with Vibrio cholera.

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“I announce that the diarrhea outbreak was due to a foodborne microorganism, with Vibrio cholera as the pathogen of concern. The most likely vehicle of transmission is contaminated food,” CHO acting chief Dr. Ashley Lopez said.

“Based on investigations, food may have been contaminated during preparation and handling by infected handlers. It was also found that proper storage, delayed serving, and unsanitary environment may have contributed to the food contamination because of exposure to elements,” Lopez said.

217 cases were reported, including 6 deaths since July 15. Rectal swabs done on the affected cases showed that 60 percent turned out positive in the bacteriological culture testing, she added.