Correction: As per the Mobile County Health Department, the 5th Vibrio case has not been confirmed as V. vulnificus. More details will be available once the investigation is completed.

Mobile County

Vibrio vulnificus/CDC
Vibrio vulnificus/CDC

Health officials in Mobile County, AL report a fifth case of Vibrio for 2017.  The case is currently under investigation by Mobile County Health Department (MCHD’s) Infectious Diseases & Outbreak division. More details will be available once the investigation is completed.

Information on the previous four cases is as follows:

The first case involved a Mobile County resident who consumed raw oysters in another state in March.

The second incident took place in April, and also involved the consumption of raw oysters while in Mobile County. An investigation confirmed that the oysters were imported from another state and were not harvested locally.

The other two cases took place during June and came from wound exposure while in bodies of waters near Dauphin Island, the Mississippi Sound and Mobile Bay.


The number of V. vulnificus cases has risen by two cases since our last report, bringing the total to 12 for 2017 to date.

The newest cases are reported from Escambia County and a second case from Lee County. One fatality has been reported this year.

Vibrio vulnificus can cause life-threatening illness when ingested or if it enters a skin wound.

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