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In a follow-up on the dengue fever epidemic in Vietnam, according to local reports, as of July 11, the country recorded more than 103,000 cases of dengue fever. This number increased by about 11,000 cases compared to the statistics 1 week earlier. There have been 37 deaths from dengue fever, an increase of one.

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The national dengue mortality rate in the first 7 months of 2022 is 0.035% (the mortality rate due to dengue in the 2016-2020 period is 0.03%), much lower than that of other countries in the region. (Timor Leste 1.2%, Indonesia 0.89%, Philippines 0.51%, Cambodia 0.2%, Laos 0.18%, Malaysia 0.06%).

In more than two years of focusing resources on COVID-19 prevention and control, preventive medicine staff and treatment staff have not been trained and retrained, especially at private health facilities, on epidemics. dengue.

The Ministry of Health forecasts that the number of COVID-19 and dengue fever cases in the coming time may continue to increase and may explode on a large scale if not drastically implementing measures to prevent and control the disease.

In order to actively prevent and control the epidemic, resolutely not to let the epidemic overlap, the Ministry of Health on July 10 sent a written request to the Chairman of the People’s Committees of the provinces and cities to mobilize the departments, mass organizations, special specializing in cadres at residential groups, villages, semi-soldiers and communities to participate in epidemic prevention and control activities; propagandize, mobilize and guide to households so that people can actively participate in epidemic prevention and control, focusing on implementing epidemic prevention and control in remote and hard-to-access areas. health care, areas where ethnic minorities live, areas with population fluctuations, areas with old outbreaks.

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Strongly deploying campaigns on environmental sanitation, killing larvae (larvae) in the area right in July and maintaining operations once a week in high-risk areas, once every 2 weeks in areas with high index of mosquitoes, larvae (larvae) and once a month in the remaining areas. Encourage all citizens to participate.