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In a follow-up on the dengue fever situation in Vietnam, the Ministry of Health now reports 236,730 cases of dengue fever, including 98 deaths. This is an increase of about 12,000 cases and six deaths in the past week.

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Compared to the same period in 2021, the number of cases increased by 4.6 times, the number of deaths increased by 78 cases.

In Ho Chi Minh City, information from the Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control (HCDC) on the evening of October 4 said that from the beginning of the year to now, the city has recorded 62,085 cases of dengue fever, an increase of more than 7 times over the same period last year. In 2021, the number of severe dengue cases will be 1,360. The total number of deaths from dengue so far this year is 25 cases, an increase of 20 cases compared to the same period in 2021.

Currently, about 75% of dengue deaths are adults. There are cases of late arrival at the hospital, which increases the risk of death due to the lack of timely treatment.

In Hanoi, according to the report of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Hanoi, in the past week (from September 23 to 29), the city recorded 807 cases of dengue fever (decreased by 9, 3% from the previous week).

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Cumulatively from the beginning of 2022 until now, the city has recorded 4,720 cases of dengue fever (an increase of 3.8 times compared to the number of cases in the same period in 2021), including 5 deaths.