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On June 11, talking to  PV Health and Life Newspaper , Mr. Pham Truc Lam – Deputy Director in charge of Da Nang Center for Disease Control (CDC) said that this unit is closely monitoring the situation of complications of hand, foot and mouth disease in children.

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According to the latest report of CDC Da Nang, the number of hand, foot and mouth disease cases in the area is on an increasing trend. In which, Hai Chau, Lien Chieu, Ngu Hanh Son are the localities that recorded a high number of hand, foot and mouth cases.

“Currently, hand, foot and mouth disease in Ho Chi Minh City is complicated, in which there are many severe cases, high risk of death. Because a new variant cannot be excluded, CDC Da Nang will conduct sampling for testing. experiment to sequence genes to identify dangerous disease-causing strains. From there, there are more effective treatment and treatment plans,” said Mr. Lam.

CDC Da Nang also strengthens communication to parents on how to recognize the disease as well as the aggravating symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease to promptly take their children to the hospital. Currently, most of the children with hand, foot and mouth disease are being treated at the Da Nang Maternity and Children’s Hospital. In addition to the cases recorded in the city. In Da Nang, this medical facility also undertakes the task of treating children from Quang Ngai, Quang Nam and neighboring provinces.

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Lam added that the Department of Communication and Health Education (under the Danang CDC) also regularly updates measures to prevent and minimize the impact of hand, foot and mouth disease on children’s health as recommended by the CDC. Ministry of Health. This includes ensuring daily personal hygiene for children, ensuring adequate nutrition, cleaning and disinfecting the surrounding environment, etc. Isolating and monitoring children in time to avoid spreading the disease.


According to CDC Da Nang, after a period of settling down, dengue fever is at risk of  resurgence. Although the number of cases is not high compared to the same period in 2022, many localities have recorded a continuous increase in the number of cases in the past two weeks. In which, Hoa Vang, Son Tra, Thanh Khe are the districts that have recorded an increase in the number of dengue cases.

“CDC has sent supervisors to handle single cases and small outbreaks of dengue fever in Thanh Khe, Hoa Vang. At the same time, strengthen communication and education activities to raise public awareness in the community. disease prevention, especially hand-foot-and-mouth disease, dengue fever, measles … “, said Mr. Nguyen Hoa, Deputy Director of CDC Da Nang.

According to Mr. Hoa, in order to prevent the outbreak of dengue fever, people and local authorities must take measures to kill larvae, larvae, and prevent mosquitoes from having a breeding environment.

Currently, CDC Da Nang has fully prepared chemicals and means to support districts in spraying and disinfecting the environment.