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Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has just issued an urgent document directing departments and People’s Committees of districts and Thu Duc city to strengthen urgent measures to prevent and control rabies in the area.

Close-up of a dog’s face during late-stage “dumb” paralytic rabies/CDC

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee said that statistics over the past 5 years across the country show that rabies has killed 410 people, over 2.7 million people have to receive preventive treatment, affecting public health, cause great economic loss. Currently, the risk of rabies continues to occur and cause very high mortality in humans.

Therefore, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City assigned the Department of Health to direct the health agency to coordinate with the veterinary agency to promptly notify when detecting or receiving information about cases of people infected with rabies by dogs or cats or suspected rabies bite.

Strengthening human rabies surveillance with the participation of the community in the direction of “One Health”, with close coordination of the veterinary and health sectors, ensuring compliance with legal regulations. the law.

Ho Chi Minh City requires dog owners not to let dogs run loose…

In addition, ensuring access to human rabies vaccines, disseminating addresses of rabies vaccination points and communicating instructions to guide people bitten by dogs and cats to medical facilities for timely preventive treatment. time.

The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City also requested the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to direct the Sub-Department of Livestock Production and Veterinary Medicine to coordinate with local authorities to continue reviewing and statisticizing the herd of dogs and cats twice a year in order to manage them. closely manage the herd fluctuations, as a basis for effective vaccination.

In particular, carry out annual rabies vaccination for dogs and cats, focusing on vaccination in March and April and regular additional vaccinations according to age for dogs and cats in the city in accordance with regulations.

Along with that, promoting information and propaganda work so that dog and cat owners are responsible for strictly complying with regulations on dog management, do not let dogs run loose… Organize professional training for veterinary staff improve skills in surveillance, risk assessment, investigation and treatment of outbreaks related to rabies; continue to train staff of People’s Committees of wards and communes in catching stray dogs in the area.

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The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City also assigned the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Thu Duc city and the districts to organize the review and accurate statistics on the number of households raising dogs and cats in each residential area; guide and request dog and cat-raising households to commit to strictly implementing declaration and declaration of livestock production activities; Comply with the keeping of dogs and cats in the family premises, ensure veterinary hygiene conditions, not to affect the people around, vaccinate dogs and cats against rabies according to regulations.

Localities are also tasked with establishing and having a mechanism for teams to handle stray dogs and carry out the work of catching stray dogs in the area.

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