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According to data from the General Department of Preventive Medicine with the Ministry of Health in VietNam, the number of dengue fever cases reported in 2019 was a significant increase compared to 2018.

Aedes aegypti mosquito feeding on a human host/CDC

Since Jan. 1 through Dec. 14, 2019,  there have been a total of 320,702 cases with 54 deaths reported, a 2.5-fold increase compared to the same period in 2018 of 126,682 cases including 17 deaths.

Vietnam is not alone in seeing an increase in dengue Asia last year, here are a few examples:

In the Philippines, as of Dec. 14, 2019, the cumulative number of cases was 420,453 including 1,565 deaths. This is up from 235,994 cases including 1,181 deaths reported during the same period in 2018.

Malaysia health authorities have reported a record season for dengue fever in 2019. According to officials data, 130,101 dengue cases were reported through December 28 this year, well above the 120,836 cases recorded in 2015.

Singapore’s National Environmental Agency (NEA) has reported 15,999 dengue fever cases through Dec. 28, 2019, making this the highest dengue tally in three years.

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