By NewsDesk  @bactiman63

Fairfax County, VA health officials report investigating an outbreak of a yet unidentified respiratory illness at Greenspring, a long-term care facility with assisted living and skilled nursing care, in Springfield, Va.

Public domain image/US government

Fairfax County Health Department was recently informed that over the last 11 days a total of 54 individuals out of the 263 residents in this facility have become ill with respiratory symptoms ranging from upper respiratory symptoms (cough) to pneumonia. Of the ill individuals, 18 have been hospitalized and two have died.

The individuals who died were hospitalized with pneumonia. Both were older adults and had complex medical problems.

Testing is being performed to determine the etiology of the respiratory illness.

Officials note that this respiratory outbreak is different in that it is occurring in July whereas most outbreaks of this kind are in the winter/flu season.

There has been excellent collaboration between Greenspring and the Health Department, and appropriate measures have been taken to reduce the risk of infection and keep residents safe, including closing the facility to new admissions, cancelling group activities, keeping ill residents in their rooms, and increasing cleaning.