In a follow-up on the hepatitis A outbreak in Caerphilly, Wales, Public Health Wales says over 250 children at Ysgol Rhydygrug , Aberfan, Kidz Den After School Club and Nursery Rhymes in Treharris Community Centre were vaccinated last week.

Hepatitis A Image/CDC
Hepatitis A Image/CDC

Currently there are 17 confirmed and two probable cases of Hepatitis A, all cases can be linked to other previously confirmed cases in the outbreak.

Hepatitis A is a viral infection, usually short lived, which has unpleasant symptoms but is rarely serious. Children often only have a very mild illness.

Symptoms of Hepatitis A can include flu-like illness such as tiredness, general aches and pains, headaches and fever, as well as loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, abdominal pains, jaundice, very dark urine and itchy skin.

Heather Lewis, Consultant in Health Protection for Public Health Wales, said: “We would like to thank the Cwm Taf School Nursing Team who have helped us vaccinate a large number of people in short time scale in order to help contain this outbreak.

“As we have already seen in this outbreak, the infection can spread to close contacts and although we are taking every precaution to control the further spread of infection we are likely see additional cases before the outbreak is over.

“Although the infection is usually mild, if people develop symptoms that may be Hepatitis A they should see their GP.

“It is important that everyone plays their part to help us prevent the virus spreading. The single most important thing everyone can do is to ensure they use good hand washing techniques after using the toilet and before preparing or eating food.”