The District of Columbia Department of Health (DOH) confirmed Tuesday an additional case of measles, bringing the total count of measles cases in Washington, DC to two confirmed cases.

Measles rash Image/CDC
Measles rash

The recent case of measles in the District of Columbia is not linked to the outbreak in California, and there is no indication that the cases confirmed to date in 2015 are related. DOH officials have contacted all persons known to have been exposed to the infected person and recommend they be vaccinated if they are not already immune. All DC residents unsure of their vaccination status who have not previously had measles are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated. It is especially important that children over 12 months old get vaccinated.

The first case reported in the District on Feb. 3, was associated with international travel and is not linked to the ongoing measles cases in California.

“As we continue to monitor this situation, residents are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible,” said DOH Director, Dr. LaQuandra S. Nesbitt. “Adequate prevention and protection of measles requires we work together as a city to educate, inform and help ensure residents are equipped with the necessary tools and resources needed to reduce possible new cases of measles in the future. We are asking all healthcare providers to review their patients’ immunization history at every visit to ensure that everyone is protected.”