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At least five West Virginia University (WVU) football players have been identified with the contagious viral infection, hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), which has prompted the postponement of Fan Day today.

Image/ National Atlas of the United States
Image/ National Atlas of the United States

HFMD is typically a benign and self-limiting disease. It is most common in young children but can spread to adults.

The symptoms of HFMD in children are similar to those in adults. The rash typically consists of red bumps and blisters which affect the palms and/or soles. In some cases, the rash may be just red spots or bumps without blisters, and may also appear on the buttocks, knees or elbows.

Other symptoms include fever, ulcers in the throat and mouth and on the tongue, sore throat, loss of appetite as well as a general feeling of being unwell.

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School officials say because it is highly contagious, it is in the best interest of the general public to postpone the event.

WVU’s medical staff continues to monitor the situation, taking proper steps to control the virus and communicating with the proper campus personnel.

“I know fans who were planning on attending Fan Day will be disappointed, but this is in the best interest of all involved,” Director of Athletics Shane Lyons said. “Our medical staff is doing an excellent job of addressing the matter. However, there is no reason to put the general public at risk.”

A rescheduled date for Fan Day will be announced when available.