Following a slew of unconfirmed reports from Iraqi media online concerning Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in ISIS fighters, representative from the World Health Organization (WHO) have commented on the situation.

iraqHead of Public Relations/Social Media for the World Health Organization, Gregory Härtl responded to one follower on Twitter who asked, “Any buzz re: Iraq & Ebola hit the WHO yet?”

“We are following up on the reports. #Ebola #Iraq”, Härtl tweeted back.

In addition, Christy Feig, WHO’s director of communications told the website, Mashable, “We have no official notification from [the Iraqi government] that it is Ebola.”

The Iraqi news site Al-Maalomah (computer translated) says Iraq’s Ministry of Health also denied that anyone in Mosul had contracted Ebola Virus Disease. They go on to report that any news of Ebola infected people in Mosul are “incorrect” and “unfounded.”

Mosul doesn’t have the capability to laboratory diagnose Ebola virus, only a lab in Baghdad does, the report notes.

Some infectious disease experts who have responded to the unconfirmed reports say it is more likely that these Ebola “cases” are malaria relapses.