In a follow-up to a report concerning the 1st animal anthrax case in Great Britain in 9 years, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and Animal and Plant Health Agency has reported the death of a second cow from the same farm today.

A case of anthrax disease in a cow was confirmed at a farm in Wiltshire in October 2015 following the death of the cow. Movement restrictions were imposed at the farm and the animal’s carcass was incinerated.

A second cow from the same herd has died and samples taken show evidence of anthrax infection. It would not be unusual for other cows in the herd to be affected and this development is not unexpected.

All the appropriate precautions are being taken and the rest of the herd continue to be monitored closely. The risk of infection in close human contact with these animals is very low and we continue to work with Public Health England to monitor potential human contacts.

The previous outbreak in livestock in Great Britain was in 2006.

Image/Agricultural Research Service/USDA
Image/Agricultural Research Service/USDA