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The World Health Organization (WHO) reports being notified of three yellow fever cases in Mali, a landlocked country in West Africa.

Mali map/CIA

According to the WHO report, two of the cases are from Wogouna and Keregoura villages, Bougoni district, Sikasso region in the South of Mali and one from Nanakenieba village, Kati district, Koulikoro region in the south west of Mali.

The cases are young adults, , one female and two males, with onset of symptoms in early November. The vaccination status of the three is still being investigated.

The cases were confirmed by laboratory testing performed by the Institute Pasteur Dakar.

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Yellow fever is a viral disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes belonging to the Aedes species. Yellow fever can lead to serious illness and even death. Yellow fever vaccine is the best protection against yellow fever disease, which can be fatal.

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