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In a follow-up on epizootic yellow fever situation in Paraná state, Brazil, the State Department of Health reported three more deaths of infected monkeys (epizootics) that occurred in the municipality of Palmas, in the area of ​​the 7th Regional Health, in Pato Branco, in the southwest part of the state.


The epidemiological monitoring period for yellow fever in Paraná began in July 2020 and continues until June this year. The State has so far registered 104 reports of animal diseases in 23 municipalities. There were 14 monkey deaths confirmed due to the yellow fever virus; 7 are under investigation, 41 were discarded and 42 occurred for undetermined causes.

Regarding yellow fever in humans, the period has no confirmed cases. There were 15 notifications; 11 already discarded and 4 are still under investigation.

“Paraná is considered an area of ​​viral circulation and that is why we monitor the presence of this virus daily, always remembering that the monkey does not transmit yellow fever. In the same way as humans, these animals also get sick and die when they are bitten by the mosquito ( Sabethes and  Haemagogus ) contaminated with the virus ”, said the Secretary of Health, Beto Preto.

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