In a statement from Meritxell Relaño, UNICEF Representative in Yemen, we get an update on the tragic situation that is affecting many children.

Public domain image/Almigdad Mojalli (VOA)
Public domain image/Almigdad Mojalli (VOA)

“The cholera outbreak in Yemen continues to spread at an alarming speed. Over 124,000 cases have been recorded – almost half of them are children.

“Children continue to bear the brunt of the war in Yemen. Many who have become ill or have died from cholera were suffering from malnutrition. At least 923 people have died from the disease since late April. Children account for one quarter of the deaths.

“The cholera outbreak is overwhelming what remains of Yemen’s conflict-battered health system. Hospitals and treatment centres are struggling to cope with the large number of patients coming in from across the country. Medicines and intravenous fluids are quickly running out.

“But despite these massive challenges, health workers have spared no effort in responding to the emergency – even when their salaries have not been paid for nearly nine months.

“Without an urgent solution to pay health workers, more children will die – no matter how much humanitarian aid is delivered to the country.

“With no end in sight to the conflict, the cholera outbreak – and potentially other disease will continue to stalk the lives of children.”