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One week ago, a UNICEF officials predicted that the number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen was expected to reach 130,000 within the next two weeks.

Yemen map/L'Américain
Yemen map/L’Américain

Earlier today, the World Health Organization country office in Yemen reported on Twitter over 116,700 suspected cholera cases have been reported, including 859 associated deaths, in 20 governorates since Apr. 27.

As the humanitarian crisis escalates, the amount of supplies has decreased. According to WHO Yemen, medical supplies are flowing into Yemen at a third of the rate that they were entering the country before March 2015.

Only 20 percent of hospital beds needed in cholera treatment centers are available as under-resourced hospitals in Yemen struggle to treat cholera.

According to the OCHA Yemen Country Office:

Two years of relentless conflict in Yemen have devastated the lives of millions of people. Yemen is now facing a protection and humanitarian crisis that is quickly engulfing a large part of its population. An alarming 18.8 million people – almost two thirds of the population – need some kind of humanitarian or protection support. Some 10.3 million are in acute need of assistance. This means they need aid to sustain their lives. This man-made disaster has been brutal on civilians. Currently, 17 million people are food insecure while a staggering seven million people do not know where their next meal is coming from and are at risk of famine. At least three million people have fled their homes, public services have broken down, less than half of the health centres are functional and medicine and equipment are limited. Access to safe water has become a major challenge and the lack of proper sanitation has increased the risk of communicable diseases. A child under the age of 5 dies every 10 minutes of preventable causes.

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