The Ministry of Public Health and Population in Yemen released additional figures for the ongoing outbreak of cholera. Since the last update on 26 February 2017, 1598 new suspected cases of cholera and zero deaths have been reported.


The trend of suspected cholera cases per week appear to be on the decline in most districts or governorates. Nearly 85% of the new cases recorded since the last update was in 10 districts within Al Hudaydah, Al Bayda, Hajjah, Sana’a and Ta’izz governorates.

Since the start of the outbreak in October 2016, a cumulative total of 22,181 suspected cases of cholera, including 103 associated deaths, have been reported across the country, with a case-fatality rate of 0.45%. Of these reported cases, Vibrio Cholerae 01 has been laboratory confirmed in 195 stool samples collected so far from 15 governorates.

The Health Cluster led by WHO, in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health and Population, UNICEF, OCHA and other nongovernmental organizations, continues to scale up the integrated cholera response activities in those districts still reporting cholera cases. Early warning surveillance has been strengthened in districts to ensure that all suspected cases are investigated and reported on time.